ReACT DEDP MicroMasters Launch

MIT ReACT Hub is proud to launch a new collaboration with the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) around the MITx MicroMasters program in Data, Economics, and Development Policy (DEDP). The ReACT track within the DEDP MicroMasters will offer a blended model specifically designed to meet the needs of refugees and other displaced persons, by offering online instruction, in-person workshops, and paid internships. It is our goal to use these program features to enable refugee learners to advance both their education and professional career in an accessible and affordable manner. The ReACT program will also support course fees within the DEDP MicroMasters program for the accepted learners who are interested in developing a strong understanding of data analysis, microeconomics, and development policy. Starting in the summer of 2018, ReACT will sponsor a group of refugee students within the DEDP Program, providing selected refugee learners with access to (1) the five online DEDP MicroMasters courses, (2) in-person workshop sessions on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership, and (3) paid internships with top organizations in the field.

About the ReACT DEDP Application: We are Now Accepting Applications for the ReACT DEDP MicroMasters. Apply Here.

ReACT is planning to sponsor refugee learners who demonstrate a strong ability to master the course material, using their performance in the course as the primary metric upon which to base scholarship decisions. All refugees who enroll to audit The Challenges of Global Poverty and Data Analysis for Social Scientists on edX during the upcoming summer semester, starting on June 5th, are eligible to apply for ReACT sponsorship, as well as those refugee learners who have already taken these courses. Each week, video lectures taught by MIT professors will be released, and learners will have a week to complete the graded assignments in the two courses. By the third week of the summer semester, ReACT staff will contact past and present DEDP learners with an email explaining how they can apply for the ReACT track. ReACT sponsorship will be based on three key components of the learner: performance within the courses, a motivational essay, and proof of refugee status. Before the payment deadline for the DEDP courses, selected learners will receive scholarships to take these first two DEDP courses as paid learners. By the end of the summer semester, the ReACT staff will review the online course grades of the sponsored learners, and use these to determine the cohort who will receive the opportunity to interview for paid internships, travel stipends to attend skill-building workshops, and sponsorship to complete the final three courses of the DEDP credential over the next year.

If you have any questions about this program - or if you work for a company or an organization that might be interested in considering a refugee learner for a paid internship this upcoming fall - please do not hesitate to reach out to the ReACT staff at We are now accepting applications for the ReaCT DEDP MicroMasters. Apply here.

ReACT DEDP Eligibility and Important Dates

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have proof of refugee, asylee, or internally displaced status. We will consider applicants who are new to the DEDP program, as of this summer semester, and those who have already progressed through some of the curriculum. Learners interested in applying for this scholarship should enroll in The Challenges of Global Poverty and Data Analysis for Social Scientists on edX for the summer semester, starting on June 5. Your performance in these two online courses will be used as one of the metrics we use to select scholarship recipients. This application is due by Saturday, June 23 (5PM ET). We will review your progress in the first two courses and your responses to the application questions to determine the scholarship recipients and eligibility for the paid internships. We will notify the successful applicants by Tuesday, July 10, in time for them to enroll with the scholarship as a paid learner by Friday, July 13.

By September students accepted into the ReACT track will be connected with companies and organization who will host the internships. The minimum internship will be 450 hours, to be completed by May 2019. They can start as early as September with the details to be determined by the terms of the specific internship opportunity.

The timeline for the year-long program is as follows:


Summer 2018

Fall 2018

January 2019

Spring 2019


June – Aug

Sept – Dec


Feb – May

Selected learners will:

- Take two courses:

* The Challenges of Global Poverty

* Data Analysis for Social Scientists

- Paid internships

- Take one course:

* The Foundations of Development Policy

- Attend the skills-building workshop, either online or in Amman

- Take the first 3 proctored exams for the DEDP courses

- Paid internships

- Take two courses:

* Microeconomics

* Designing and Running Random Evaluations

- Take the last 2 proctored exams

ReACT Certificate in Computer and Data Science Program Update

In January 2018, MIT ReACT Hub launched its first program in Jordan with a certificate in Computer and Data Science. The first class of students is progressing through the online learning portion of the program, mastering MIT edX courses in Computer Science and Data Analytics. As ReACT students are beginning their professional paid internships, we are gearing up to launch another application period for this certificate program, starting later this year.