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The MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a program whose mission is to identify, convene, and cultivate ideas, solutions and research about best practices that enable education, livelihoods and prosperity of refugee and forcibly displaced learners and communities worldwide.

Inspired by ReACT’s model, The Jameel World Education Lab  is launching MIT Emerging Talent, a new initiative to enable onramps to educational, professional and entrepreneurial opportunities for talented individuals from underserved communities around the world.

MIT Emerging Talent will offer the Certificate Program in Computer and Data Science which was previously hosted by ReACT, while integrating new communities of talented learners.   

Applications for the MIT Emerging Talent Certificate in Computer and Data Science Program are now closed.

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What do our [Learners] say?

This program has brought to me my life. MIT ReACT has been a gateway for my life because I’ve never thought about such an opportunity as a refugee in Uganda. I’m so grateful to be one of the MIT ReACT Alumni now and be connected to my colleagues here.

Justin Paluku Refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, based in Uganda - MIT ReACT 2021 Alumnus

Being part of a multidisciplinary international team, I've learnt of the different ways one can incorporate leadership and entrepreneurship skills into their day to day jobs, at the same time helping me develop new collaboration methods based on the working style of each individual.

Rund Wadi Jordanian - MIT ReACT 2021 Alumnus

I was seen for who I am without formal proof or requirements to show your hard copy diploma evaluated by some other agency. And this fact that I’ve been seen for just being there… gives me hope that not everything is lost. It’s possible to succeed, there’s a chance.

Pavel Ilin Asylee from Russia, currently living and working in New York, United States - MIT ReACT 2021 Alumnus

    “I know firsthand that a good education is the ticket to a better life.”

    Dr. Admir Masic, Faculty Founder MIT Refugee Action Hub, MIT NET & ReACT Advisor

    Our Team

    Faculty Founder

    Dr. Admir Masic

    Associate Director

    Megan Mitchell

    Program Coordinator

    Camila Massa

    Computer and Data Science Instructor

    Somaia Zabihi

    Advisory Board

    MIT ReACT is brought to different parts of the world thanks to our financial supporters and advisors, who believe that education and workforce development is the best tool to help upskill communities worldwide.

    Get to know our supporters, advisors and Hub ambassadors!

    Chair, ReACT Advisory Council

    Hala Fadel


    Erdin Beshimov


    Lorraine Charles

    Advisor, Greece Ambassador

    Marina Hatsopoulos


    Soo Kim

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    News & Blogs


    Migration Summit addresses education and workforce development in displacement

    “Refugees can change the world with access to education,” says Alnarjes Harba, a refugee from Syria who recently shared her story at the 2022 Migration Summit — a first-of-its-kind, global convening to address the challenges that displaced communities face in accessing education and employment.

    Opening the global digital economy to refugees

    As we emerge from a global pandemic, we have seen an evolution of attitudes toward the digital economy and the promises it holds for employment opportunities. What might this frontier space of technology-enabled employment offer for the millions of refugees and forcibly displaced persons looking for livelihoods and prosperity?

    MIT Integrated Learning Initiative names third annual grant recipients

    The MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) awards nearly $200K to innovative MIT research on the science of learning and learning effectiveness.