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Read the Migration Summit 2022 Report 


The Migration Summit is a month-long global convening designed to build bridges between diverse communities of displaced learners, universities, companies, nonprofits and NGOs, social enterprises, foundations, philanthropists, researchers, policy makers, employers and governments around the key challenges and opportunities for refugee and migrant communities.

We are glad to announce that thanks to the Migration Summit 2022 event success which explored the theme “Education and Workforce Development in Displacement” through virtual and in-person events hosted by participating partners around the world, we'll run the second edition of the event in April 2023!

Next year's theme: "Co-creating Pathways to Learning, Livelihood, and Dignity"

Only 5% of refugees have access to higher education, far below the global average of 39% higher education enrollment among non-refugees (UNHCR 2020). Around 258 million children and youth are out of school globally (UNESCO 2018). 85% of refugees are hosted in developing countries, with scarce resources and economic opportunity ( For displaced communities across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North and South America, access to education and workforce development can be a life changer. The goal of the Summit is to create new spaces of collaboration and risk-taking, share best practices and deepen cross-institutional connections in order to address these critical gaps and challenges in education and livelihood for displaced communities. We seek to build community and capacity among conveners to establish new ways of working collaboratively together to yield new practice and research spaces in the area of refugee education and livelihoods. We aim to bridge the gaps that perpetuate across ordinarily siloed sectors of public and private, research and practice, individual and institutional. Meaningful solutions to the systemic challenges in migrant education and livelihoods can only be achieved through real collaboration and systemic response. To do so, we need to show up to the work differently — as individuals and as a collective system. 

The summit was organized around themes in education and workforce development, with sessions that are part storytelling, part design workshop. In these interactive sessions participants worked together to question, challenge, and improve upon existing work, generate new collaborative projects, and identify key unanswerable areas to inform further research and investigation. Participants were guided through a learning journey of exploration of each others’ work, inquiry into the systemic challenges in the field, and discovery of new insights, processes and paths forward together. 

Leveraging the convening power of MIT and the contributions of global partners, this event, hosted in locations around the world, sought to center refugee, displaced and migrant learners and educators’ voices in solution making. We invite participants from diverse contexts and backgrounds, as individuals and organizations, to work with us in designing new education systems and solutions that promote education and workforce development for displaced and migrant communities. 


Summit Outcomes

In this Summit, we sought to:

  • Activate diverse, supportive and energizing communities of refugees, migrants and displaced people and those working with them.
  • Establish communities of practice to come together to build more inclusive and equitable education and workforce systems where refugees and displaced persons can advocate for their needs and thrive.
  • Explore new ways of showing up that create more inclusive, generative, and sustainable spaces for systemic collaboration.
  • Establish shared forums and safe spaces for experimentation and honest discussion to create connections and activate change. 
  • Center the perspectives and experiences of refugees and displaced persons as we work together.
  • Create prototypes, proposals, working groups, and recommendations that will continue post-Summit to advance education and workforce development for displaced communities.

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