Partner Support

Internship Support

The internships our partners have offered our students are a critical feature for their futures. High results and positive feedback from companies hosting these internships have been reported across the board. Mentored and paid, they allow students to develop professional skills, share their talents, update resumes and build networks. The internship program connects our partners to new pools of talented and dedicated future hires. Contact us to learn more about hosting an in-office or remote internship.

Infrastructure and Content

ReACT has plans to build new learning and employment platforms for students. If you are interested in funding new content, contributing new curriculum, creating a ReACT market-place for hiring and internships, or providing facilities for a ReACT Center please contact us to learn more.

Financial Support

ReACT is planning for lasing impact in global refugee education, and continuing to close employment gaps for refugees at scale. This means offering ReACT program’s around the world in order to overcome obstacles to travel and access to education. Join us in supporting and planning a ReACT Center.

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